SkyWriter Marketing and Learning Platform

SkyWriter is a subscription-based SaaS platform that creates, curates, broadcasts, and tracks your content across many channels: SMS, email, twitter, social media etc. Key algorithms and machine learning technology make content creation through engagement tracking easy and efficient for small- and medium-sized businesses.

The SkyWriter platform can be used for marketing efforts as well as employee training because of its simple architecture and purpose: to enable clients to broadcast a single data set across various communication platforms.

It doesn’t matter where an organization’s content lives. The platform can host content or link to it, providing a central access point to any content that is created. Skywriter empowers clients to simply and efficiently push content to their customers and employees right when that information becomes relevant.

The Experience

User Experience

•Customers: learn more about a company’s offerings right when they become relevant
•Employees: get job-relevant information at time of optimal impact
•Navigate easily through content aggregated from many locations
•See how peers comment on and rank content
•Fit micro-content into a busy schedule
•Enjoy a mobile-friendly experience

Admin Experience

•Deliver content of interest to customers across all social media platforms, email, and SMS
•Easily collect rich meta-data around users and content
•Simply customize form, features, and functions
•Aggregate all media types located anywhere
•Repurpose existing content
•Combine internal and external content